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Comprehensively supports the sale and promotion of the RPG MAKER, RPG game creation software.

Partner: KADOKAWA (Japan)

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A Popular Series for all RPG Fans

KADOKAWA RPG MAKER series is a role-playing game production software that can easily be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their programming knowledge. Its popularity extends beyond Japan with fans all over the world.

Helping to Launch the Official English Site

The partnership between Degica and Enterbrain (now KADOKAWA) dates back to 2010. From that time, the English version of RPG MAKER was being sold overseas, but there wasn’t a site for game creators to access detailed product information. Degica got to work on creating and operating an official English website ( The site was met with enthusiasm by dedicated fans who were eager for information in English.

Boosting Sales by Opening a Forum

Continuing the flow of information, Degica opened a user forum where the community could interact and exchange. The official website only provided one-way communication, so the forum was established as a way to immediately take in user feedback. The forum not only had a positive impact on sales, it also allowed us to receive valuable input from users that influenced product production.

Currently, there are more than 120,000 users registered on the forum.

Publishing to Steam

RPG MAKER series is the first title published on Steam, the world’s largest game distribution platform.  It recorded exceptional sales for a software title that was not a game and now sells hundreds of DLC related titles on Steam.

Expanding the Range of Activities

Currently, Degica helps not only the overseas version of RPG MAKER, but also the sales, promotion, and support of the original RPG MAKER series in Japan.

  • Operation of the official Japanese-English store ( and (including content creation, sales, and customer support)
  • User Forum Management ( and
  • Participating in planning new projects (that reflect user feedback and requests), developing new features, localization for each language version
  • Planning/production of additional DLC products (tile sets, character materials, music materials, etc.)
  • Planning and operation of promotional events and overseas exhibitions

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