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Degica supports the sales and promotion of the high-performance gaming laptop RAZER in the Japanese market.

Partner: RAZER (Singapore)

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RAZER, the top gaming brand loved all over the world

RAZER sells high-performance laptops and devices geared specifically to video games and is one of the most recognized brands in the gamer and e-sports community worldwide. With a commitment to excellent design, high quality, and high performance, their products are always met with an enthusiastic response.

Degica Sales and Promotional Support

Since 2016, Degica has been helping with the following:

  • Sales support on the official website (shopping carts, product delivery, customer support)
  • Distribution support (wholesale to electronic retailers, computer shops)
  • Production and distribution of Japan-targeted press releases
  • Promotion planning and implementation
  • Product display planning at retail stores (installation of display shelves, etc.)

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