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Degica Games

The global video game market is a relationship between those who entertain and those who are entertained. Degica seeks to clear the obstacles between game creators and gamers by offering a service that brings them together.

  • RPG Maker Series

    RPG Maker Series

    In order to promote overseas development, we operate an official store and a forum for RPG Maker, as well as plan/produce DLC products.

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  • Dragon Fang

    Dragon Fang

    We obtained the license for a domestic mobile title and have started planning in-house direction and development to optimize UI and recognition for rendering on PCs.

  • Groove Coaster for Steam

    Groove Coaster for Steam

    As well as the support necessary for Steam deployment, we also help with promotional activities, including PV production and proposals for collaboration with popular international titles that appeal more to gamers overseas.

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    Beyond VR content, we support the expansion into other platforms, such as Steam, and engage in influencer and Social Media promotional campaigns.

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