Digital Marketing Lead / Growth Hacker

Tokyo, Japan

Position Summary

We are searching for a Digital Marketing Lead to help us design, coordinate, and implement operations that will help promote Degica’s products and increase sales.

This person will:

  1. Coordinate the marketing-related efforts of a cross-functional team of artists, programmers, website/video game developers, and customer service representatives. Works closely with each aspect of the team to ensure that products are being promoted and marketed optimally.
  2. Act as one of the primary representatives of Degica’s international operations with the media.
  3. Oversee the design, implementation, and overall strategy of Degica’s international marketing programs, including promotions, e-mail campaigns, and visibility.
  4. Gathers and analyze data related to competitive products (e.g. pricing, promotions, market share, product characteristics, etc.). Develops marketing strategies based in part on this data.
  5. Review all promotional materials released to the public (press releases, product descriptions, promotions, logos and visuals, etc.).
  6. Implement and supporting a culture of growth hacking in the company.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Firm knowledge and command of all digital marketing techniques, such as e-mail marketing, SEM/SEO, social media, and PR.
  • Experience with a variety of growth hacking techniques and practices.
  • Experience in using web technology and digital marketing mediums (websites, e-mails, CMS, CRM, etc.).
  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • General statistical analysis and math skills as well as a firm understanding of KPI’s, multivariate testing and other important metrics.
  • A solid understanding of consumer behavior relative to general software, video games, and video game development software. Experience in these fields is preferred.'


  • Flat-structured company with only one supervisor.
  • Fast growing company in software and games industry.
  • Potential for international travel.