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Who are we?

Degica started out helping foreign companies enter the Japanese market by providing digital commerce solutions. Today, the company has expanded its service offerings to eCommerce, Payments, and Gaming (and are quickly expanding to new markets as the team grows).

Our Culture

Based in Tokyo, Degica is a company of many nationalities: Canadian, French, British, Japanese, etc. Because of our cultural diversity we perform more effeciently on the international stage against our domestic competitors. Being diverse means we do things differently than other Japanese companies.

Degica prides itself on having a flat work culture. Unlike traditional companies where management issues you orders, our employees decide when and what they work on. This culture has allowed Degica to grow quickly over the past few years. As an employee of Degica you will be encouraged to pursue your own ideas and projects to drive the company forward.


We realize keeping you happy makes you more productive. At Degica all of our employees are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Flexible Hours

    You will be eligible to work flexible hours from day one. Employees are given the freedom to shift their work hours as they deem necessary.

  • More Paid Vacation

    When you join Degica after a trial period you will be eligible to take an extra 5 days of paid vacation in the summer.

  • Language Lessons

    Being an international company we know the importance of bilingualism. We offer all employees a choice between English and Japanese lessons.

  • Work Abroad

    The work abroad program enables a few employees every year to work anywhere in the world for two weeks. We'll fund the trip.

Open Positions